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Mozarter presents a range of lovingly crafted fine wines and spirits, produced with passion and tradition in Austria. We are committed to outstanding quality and a culture of conscious enjoyment. For our products, we use nothing but first-class, carefully selected ingredients that adhere to organic quality standards, and all from the best locations in Austria.

The highest
organic quality

Our products bear the AT-BIO-301 organic label. This certifies that all our ingredients are products of organic agriculture. This certifies that all our ingredients are products of organic agriculture.


Exquisite ingredients are naturally only available in limited quantities, so the bottling runs of our wines and spirits have their natural limits.

Tradition and

Our distillers and vintners bring a passion for detail to their craft and can look back on a long tradition.

Unique worldwide. Premium quality from Austria.

We work with distillers from the Muehlviertel region in Upper Austria and vintners from the Weinviertel region in Lower Austria. All of our producers place their sophisticated craftsmanship and the very special character of their work at the disposal of the Mozarter First Class Selection.

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Fine wines and spirits from Mozarter

We have created some outstanding wines and spirits especially for connoisseurs of conscious enjoyment who value the highest quality and a verifiable provenance. The Mozarter First Class Selection includes two organic vodka editions, a craft organic London Dry gin, and the finest vegan wines. All of our products are made in Austria, where they are perfectly crafted from selected organic ingredients.


Mozarter Vodka Opera is available in two editions, both of which bring together the finest natural ingredients to create something extraordinary. The resulting flavor is decidedly mild and smooth on the palate, with a hint of soft sweetness.

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London dry


Hand-picked alpine meadow flowers and herbs with a classic note of juniper characterize the aromatic, fresh flavor of this Mozarter premium organic gin from the Salzburg Lake District.

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White wines

from Austria

Only the best grapes from prime locations are used in Mozarter wines. They come from a winery in the center of the Weinviertel region and have great aging potential.

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