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Mozarter organic gin comes fresh from the Alps of the Salzburg Lake District

Only very special botanicals are selected as ingredients for our London Dry Bio Gin. In addition to a classic note of juniper, hand-picked alpine meadow flowers and herbs from the Salzburg Lake District combine to create the special flavor. A gin must adhere to very strict specifications to be able to use the “London Dry” designation: All of its aromas must result from the distillation process alone. Our distillery is built on a foundation of traditional craftsmanship and many years of experience, bringing the unmistakable character of this organic gin to life. Since Mozarter organic gin is only available in small editions, each bottle always is something very special. We recommend enjoying Mozarter organic gin on the rocks, but it is also a real flavor sensation when combined with tonic water.

Unique worldwide

London Dry BIO Gin




Alpine herbs



It is important to us that we only use the very best hand-picked organic herbs and spices.

They are macerated in our own organic wheat distillate, distilled in a copper still, and refined with spring-fresh, crystal-clear primeval rock water from the Muehlviertel nature reserve in Austria.

Our decades of experience, traditional craftsmanship, and all our passion go into this very special gin.

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